The Veracity of Solitude

by KDC

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released December 3, 2013

Music and lyrics by KDC
Co-produced/Engineered/Mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Artwork by David Jednat
European Re-Issue Artwork by Chris Smith
Head2Wall Records



all rights reserved


KDC Buffalo, New York

Coming off an incredible 7" and near-constant touring since, KDC has taken this experience and crafted one of the most genuinely interesting, but perfectly intense, emotional hardcore records in years. With its seamless blending of modern speed and power, '90s technical brilliance, and a rare honesty, this record truly stands out. ... more

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Track Name: rutwaltz
Sun, burn the flesh of festive souls. Goddamn the Xylazine to patch a hole. A crutch to lonely faces who call a streetlight home. The barefoot waltz of perfect balance. The incognito dance of emptiness. What a mess. If only I could, then I would save. But I'll just stand here to watch you die. If only I could save then I would save. But I'll just stand here and watch you pass away. I too will choke on these dark dictions. With no pills or powder to sooth tribulations. We follow illusions that lead us to drown. We get high off hope to be let down.
Track Name: snowcripple
Then there are these days where my faith is devoured by cold abandonment. By the veracity of solitude. We search high heaven. Pursue relief. We’ll search high heaven but still no ease. Frigorific streets of salt eating at my aspirations. Doing its' best to suffocate everything. We search high heaven. Pursue relief. We search high heaven to die at our knees. Give me something to hold on to. Anything that'll make this worth it.
Track Name: condado
So much control. The intent to ordain the untamed. Lay the blame. You've had too many conversations with me. The tardy apologies. What's done is done. All the swimming in the world won't be enough. The lungs of perpetrators perish when it's time for the flush. We take and make, as sterile ripples are bluffs. We'll keep flirting with the coast until she's had enough. That fucking island that you call home. Your friends and family… the first to go.
Track Name: 23to28
He's shot. He's done. I'm giving in. Losing composure. So lost between my wants and needs while all these chapters cry for closure. Bienvenido to the losing game. Te necesito pero te odio. I've been stranded in this losing game. Te necesito pero te odio. He has grown old. And still a soul that's never accord. You're fucking done.
Track Name: ft.carson
I miss it so much. And every fucking day I crave it. Just a touch. I need. I want. I think. But effortless living doesn't fall out of the sky. This is my new Fort Carson. I still can't believe. Just give me some more and less 1 to 9s. Listen, I need more feedback to help me runaway from the clock ins and clock outs. So we map out a route. We'll take our Benefit cards and max them out. We lose track of time. Fall out of line. Love to love and pay no mind.
Track Name: echopark
Restless souls can't rest in peace. All voiced disdain, pure destruction. Ageless energy is never taken to bed or swayed by winds. You keep on. We'll never know why the good die young. No ailment for absence. Bottom line: you're gone. There's nothing I can do. This has happened one too many times.
Track Name: leadpoison
We run. We scurry. We flee. Calling holy trinity. Everyday a chokehold to seconds of dreams. And so we all just lay beneath. Like lead, finish me off. Like lead, you weigh me down. Like lead, I used to break. Like lead, today I take.
Track Name: trujillo
It only took me 3 years, to understand that paper cups shall wither with time. And the string. Oh the string. Murdered by the properties of gravity. That distance. Damn that distance. Airport goodbyes. Five foot teared eyes. Can we take this any longer?
Track Name: neverface
This loose leaf for a loose leaf. Ballpoint. Conduit. Release. For a piece of peace, he writes of rights, and the search for what's never in site. Dear obsessive, oh how you grab a hold of me. Dear compulsive, sometimes I wish you'd let me breathe. Let this page steal the words right from my chest. Exclude rhymes and artful phrases. Let them kiss your ass, for once. My back is to the perforating eyes. I'm erasing the index fingers that are quick to claim. I need for you to make up your mind. I need for you to lay this thing to rest. On to the next, my darling. Will I ever conquer this? Will I ever conquer myself?
Track Name: pinkeye
It's still not over. Let me pretend and pretend for the best. Let me walk with a smile and a head on my shoulders so that no one takes notice. I'm a mess. An impostor. I'm a liar. A Judas, to sell. A fucking wreck.
Track Name: endead
Bend and break. Sheltered by the warm blankets of insecurity. Lets beat our heads and beat our heads to rest in pools of blood. Come undone at seems like freedom. So live in conflicts of thought. Please lead them to abhor thy do and do not. Feed brown until the sheriff is shot. Pitch this tent. Age in perdition. Pretend heaven in war zones. We can't reinvent wheels when roads are dead ends. Fuck making a difference. Prosperity is non-sense. All these roads are nothing less than dead ends.
Track Name: astray
Of bastard children and loveless marriage. Of holy wedlock habits and mistakes of the night. Try so many ways to fight. Find so many ways to fight. Still you ask yourself, why and why. Just keep in mind that someone doesn't care if you're alive. Someone doesn't care if you're all right. I don't know … we don't know where to go. Single mothers, single fathers, condemned to being useless lovers. You weren't there when I needed you.